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Joe I think this video is perfect for you!

For all my coffee drinkers. My friend Donna posted this on my facebook wall with this comment, “Joe I think this video is perfect for you! ”  She was right! It is the perfect mix of corny and funny just like me.

Grassroots Sun Dried Ethiopian Sidamo

Coffee Review Grassroots Sun Dried Ethiopian Sidamo Recently I had the privilege to sample coffee from Grassroots Coffee which is located in Thomasville, GA. They have a full service coffee shop and roast their own coffee in house. In a well thought out package, Grassroots sent one pound each of Sun-dried Ethiopian Sidamo and Grassroots [...]

Brewing coffee without electricity

At 6 am last Saturday, my 11 year old son woke me up to report that the electricity just went out. No problem, I thought to myself, as I went into the kitchen to start the morning coffee. Here’s my chance to use my antique-looking peculator pot that I picked up on ebay recently.  It [...]

Coffee BBQ sauce

Got this delicious Coffee BBQ sauce recipe from @MisterGCoffee Coffee BBQ Sauce 1 c. Ketchup 3T cider vinegar 4 T brown sugar 3 T yellow mustard 1 tsp liquid smoke 1/2 c very strong french press coffee Dash Tabasco sauce Combine all ingredients except coffee in saucepan and simmer for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove [...]

Brew Poll

  Here’s a quick survey. Trying get a sense of how coffee folks brew their coffee. Thanks, Joe   Added 4/16/2011: Results of Brew Poll

Cooking a Coffee Glazed Ham

Easter is just around the corner and this year we will be hosting the family meal.  There is much planning involved  and be assured the The Coffee Couple will be presenting the perfect meal.  Knowing us, coffee will play a major part.  The traditional ham will be featured, but not just any ham, but a [...]

Special Finish

I love brownies.  Delectable chocolate delights.  And I make a mean triple fudge brownie.  Two boxes of double fudge brownie mix, a whole bag of chocolate chips, and double fudge chocolate icing.  Put that all together and you have pure chocolate delight.  Sometimes adding coffee to the mix makes an even more awesome brownie as [...]

Three Things I Do While Waiting For My Brew

After clicking the power button on my drip coffee maker I went outside to do some chores.  Walking about I had a thought, “What can I get done before the coffee is ready?” There are many things you can do in the short wait.  Here are the three different things I do while waiting for [...]

Fine food, but then comes the coffee

You know the scene. You’re out on a date with your wife. It’s been several months since the last time you had the time to spend time together away from the kids. You go to a special restaurant, perhaps the one you took her to when you were dating or on  a recommendation from a [...]

Add this to the desert menu

Our last post listed five favorite desserts that go with coffee.  Even though I’ve never had this dessert before, I am definitely adding this to the list.  My mouth is watering even as I read the ingredients.  If you love chocolate, and you love coffee, this is for you.  Go check out this tasty delight [...]