We love coffee!

Love for a good cup of coffee is a passion that my wife, Monica, and I share.

It started for me when I was about 19 when someone introduced me for the first time to a real cup of coffee.  It was perked and really tasty.  Until then, I had only tasted what my father made during his morning ritual of boiling water and mixing in instant coffee.

For my 20th birthday I asked my folks for an automatic drip coffee maker. Kind of an odd gift to ask for,  but they obliged. A true coffee lover was born that day.   My folks got hooked too.  Out with tasters choice and in with Maxwell house.  My mom who was primarily a tea drinker switched to coffee like dad and I.

The reason Monica and I created this blog is to share our story about our love — for coffee.

We will be sharing more over the next several weeks as we build this blog together. It is one of our very first joint ventures other then marriage and children.

As a side, I don’t think Maxwell house is good coffee and only mention it as my starting point. But what did I know about coffee back then?

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